Friday, October 7, 2011

God Girl Bible by Revell Publishers

This was a fun review! I was asked to take a peek at a new Bible, published by Revell, called "God Girl", but there was a catch: I had to have a daughter, niece or someone in my family within the target age range. So I get to do this review with my daughter, Katy!

I gave her the "God Girl Bible" for a couple of weeks and asked her to read some chapters in it, look over the special features, and basically 'test drive' it for a bit to see what she thought.

Katy thought the design was cool, but wanted it to come in different colors. Currently, she has the pink and white soft leather cover; the Bible also comes in purple and white, both with a tree imprinted on the front. She really likes the tree, both the look and the feel of it.

Not all girls are 'pink', and different girls like different colors. Personally, she'd like blue. Her opinion is that the Bible will still be a good selling Bible, but girls might be more drawn to one in their color (I prefer green).

Say you want to read Jeremiah but you're pressed for time. Each book of the Bible has a summary page and you can still get what you need from the reading. The Bible also has 'Must Know Terms and Verses', which pull out a concept and explains it, then gives you verses in that theme.

These features pull out things that are important and you can get them right then and there, things that you might bypass if you don't read carefully or things you might not grasp.

Another feature she enjoyed was "The Proverbs 31 Woman". The page gave the location of the information in the Bible, then offered more information to help young girls know what kind of character they should be working on.

All of the helps in the Bible were appealing to Katy. She also said that the 'tree' theme was all through the Bible, and she found that really cool as well. She really liked the 'easy-to-read' style. She has a hard time finding a Bible that is easy for her to read and understand, so this one appealed to her.

Basically, the only quibble she had was the color...pretty good, I'd say! Katy gives the "God Girl Bible" five out of five bookmarks, saying 'If I had a daughter, I'd give this to her. In fact, I'd recommend you read the Bible along with your daughter. It will help with her focus and help her understand even more."

I agree. I peeked at the Bible before I handed it over, and I think Katy nailed it perfectly! My thanks to Donna at Revell and to my daughter Katy for helping me out! "God Girl Bible" is available everywhere, in hard cover and in leather...but for now, only in pink/white and purple/white...unless they listen to Katy!

Happy Reading!



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