Friday, September 16, 2011

The Queen by Steven James

Steven James is back on bookshelves with his latest thriller in the Patrick Bowers series, and he's upped his game in this one. Patrick is battling against crime and evil on multiple fronts, all while attemtping to unravel his tangled personal life...which seems to get more tangled with each novel!

In "The Queen", a young wife and her four-year-old daughter are found murdered, and Daddy is no where to be found. Is this a classic murder-suicide? That's what local authorities think, but Patrick sees far more in the clues they've discovered.

A serial killer was released on a technicality, and he's back on the hunt for more victims. Is Patrick the reason he's out there and can he once again follow the trail to apprehend this most vicious criminal before more victims fall?

Tessa is battling her own personal demons, and once again she's trying to do it alone. Will the day come when she trusts Patrick and allows him to be her father...her daddy? And will her search for truth finally lead her into the arms of God, or will the evil in this world push her farther away?

Patrick has been estranged from his brother Sean for several years? What severed the relationship, and can it be repaired? Or will someone else Patrick loves pay for his distance...and will they pay with their lives?

"The Queen" is by far the most complex of the series to date. With every novel, Steven's writing weaves a tighter and more detailed web, causing the reader to focus and pay extra special attention to each event. The one thing you think doesn't matter to the story can end up being the key used to unlock the biggest piece of the mystery.

You won't find the bodies stacking up in this story. While a serial killer is out there, that takes a back seat to a high-octane espionage tale that will blow. your. mind.

James keeps me up all night, and I love him for those kinds of stories. I can't wait to see what he creates next, and I've heard we have at least two more books in this series, plus a possible prequel. I'm definitely not tired of Patrick Bowers, and just hope his personal life one day levels out for the poor guy!

My thanks to Donna Hausler at Revell Publishing for my copy of "The Queen". I'm giving this one five out of five bookmarks, with a reminder to read this series in order, or you'll have spoilers galore. And it's worth every page. I know...I re-read my copies before starting "The Queen"...and I'm so glad I did!
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