Friday, September 23, 2011

A Heart Revealed by Julie Lessman

For me to read historical fiction, I absolutely have to get lost in the time period or I get bored and lose interest quickly. This is close to my least favorite of all genres, but when it comes to Julie Lessman's novels...SIGN ME UP!! Julie captures me from page one and only allows me to return to my century when I've turned the final page.

Her most recent book is "A Heart Revealed", the second in her newest series, 'Winds of Change'. Familiar characters from previous books come along for the ride, but this story focuses on Sean O'Connor (I'm SO GLAD the O'Connor family is a big family...lots of people for Julie to write about!).

Emma Malloy fled in fear for her safety nearly a decade ago, moving to Dublin and leaving behind all she knew. As a battered woman, Emma carried with her both emotional and physical scars...and a deeply wounded heart.

Ten years later, she's healing and healthy and whole again...or is she? While Emma's life seems rich and purposeful now, enter Sean O' of Charity O'Connor. And topsy-turvy things do go!

Can Emma find love and hope in Sean...and can she trust him enough to let her true heart be revealed, scars and all? Or has her past proven captive and his love not strong enough to truly set her free?

Again rich with detail and passion, Julie's newest novel stays true to her zesty style. Her word choices are carefully crafted to ring every drop of emotion out of the scene, and to take the reader along for the ride with her characters.

When Emma's sad, you'll be sad. When she's frightened, you'll fear as well. And when love'll want to grab your someone and squeeze their heart out! In a good way.

And you can't rush through a Julie Lessman novel. She writes in such a detailed way that you can't help but savor each page like you would a good, rich cup of coffee on an autumn morning. Block out some time to enjoy this one, would you?

But don't miss Julie's other books! You simply have to meet the entire O'Connor clan! As for some comments I've read that these books are too sexual to be considered Christian I said early, Julie writes with passion. But in my opinion, as one who used to devour secular romantic fiction, she writes with depth, creativity, and a love for her Jesus.

Julie doesn't celebrate the 'relations' as much as the relationships...and in the proper context. And if you think about it...don't we all want a love that's passionate and thriving...even if this is just ficton?

My thanks to my friend Donna Hausler at Revell for trusting me with my copy. "A Heart Revealed" is available from Revell Publishing, and I'm giving it four out of five bookmarks, with a broken but repaired heart on a golden chain as a charm.

Happy Reading!



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