Friday, September 30, 2011

Deadly Pursuit by Irene Hannon

I absolutely LOVE anything Irene Hannon writes, and I'm thrilled with the second novel in her second series! This is a page-turner, so be sure to block out a big chunk of time, 'cause you won't want to put this one down until you know who did it and what happens to some of the best characters in suspense fiction.

Alison Taylor is one of those social workers who should define the job. Her heart is huge and she does everything within her power to help families and children in the best of ways. Problem is, even the best can make enemies without trying, and now someone is in "Deadly Pursuit" of Alison.

While she has yet to appreciate it, Alison has two overprotective brothers, and through brother Cole she finds the ultimate protector: ex-Navy SEAL Mitch Morgan. Thanks to authors like Ronie Kendig, I love me a SEAL!! And Mitch is a heart-stealer...within pages he's swiped Alison's.

Twists and turns and surprises abound as Cole, Mitch and other brother Jake tackle the mystery of who's stalking Alison and what is this person's ultimate goal. Be warned: not only will Irene keep you up late flipping pages, but she makes you work for your ending.

You may know who did it early on, thanks to Irene's generosity in revelations...but don't let that fool you. You'll still be guessing until the final chapter...and receive and oh-so-satisfying, realistic ending that will have you sighing with relief, as well as longing for another novel from this stellar suspense author!

Irene creates characters that are rich and full of life, sharing emotion through genuine dialogue that flows naturally and packs humor and emotion. I adored both Mitch and Alison from the second I met them, and loved watching their relationship develop.

My thanks to Donna at Revell Publishing for this outstanding novel, and to Irene for sharing her gifts through writing. Don't miss the first in the "Guardians of Justice" series, and be sure to check out Irene's first series, "Heroes of Quantico"...all by Revell.

In the meantime, "Deadly Pursuit" receives five out of five bookmarks, with a doggy treat as a charm. Gotta love the pup!

Happy Reading!



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Irene Hannon said...

Thank you, Deena, for the SUPER review of my latest book. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Irene Hannon