Friday, August 12, 2011

River's Song by Melody Carlson

When I see Melody Carlson's name on a book cover, I tend to pick up a copy of the book. Melody is an author who's proven she can write in just about any genre and can create a story that is engaging, believable, and memorable.

She's done it again with the first in a new series for adults. "River's Song" is not quite historical, not quite contemporary, but all top notch fiction. Anna Larson is widowed, has a teenaged daughter with a major attitude, and has now buried both of her parents.

Her dear, sweet mother-in-law can't seem to stand the sight of her. Perhaps it's her Native American heritage? Being called 'half-breed' and 'squaw' by her socialite mother-in-law has drained Anna of any sense of worth. When she returns to her home along the Siuslaw River, a healing begins deep in Anna's soul.

Then a chance meeting with a budding anthropologist puts Anna's dreams in overdrive. Soon she's working hard toward a goal of opening up a bed-and-breakfast inn in the old family home...

...The Inn At Shining Waters. By incorporating antiques and relics from her childhood, honoring her Indian heritage, Anna hopes to offer people a quiet and healing respite along the river that has brought calm and balance back into her life.

But Anna's hate-filled mother-in-law will stop at nothing to thwart Anna's success and her relationship with her nearly grown daughter. Can the friendships Anna has made back home keep her steady on her new-found feet of faith?

Melody had me in tears at times, and laughing at some of the antics of her colorful characters. She also had me longing for a stay at Anna's inn! The story flowed as smoothly as the river, and I was rooting for Anna until I turned the final page...with the occasional urge to shake some sense and backbone into her!

Let me just say I cannot STAND 'Mommy-in-law Dearest' and sincerely hope she gets hers in the coming books! Not too fond of daughter Lauren, either. But good old Henry and his river transport were fun and inviting...and I found many more lovable characters.

I'm so glad this is a multi-book series! I can't wait for another stay at "The Inn At Shining Waters" and to see how Anna's relationships continue to play out. That's why I'm giving this book four out of five bookmarks, with a woven bowl as a charm.

My thanks to Leslie at Glass Roads PR for my copy. You can find "River's Song" in bookstores now, and be watching for "River's Call", the promising sequel. You'll find the first chapter at the end of "River's Song"! I LOVE it when publishers do that for us!

Happy Reading!



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