Friday, July 15, 2011

Nick of Time by Tim Downs

The Bug Man is back, and he's better than he's ever been! Be warned...this review contains a couple of I hope you've been keeping up with Dr. Nick Polchak's adventures!

With his eccentricities on full, Nick Polchak is completely distracted. Actually, seems worse than usual. He'll find anything to dwell on except his upcoming special event with Alena Savard. And ever patient Alena is losing it with Nick.

When Nick receives a personal request from an old colleague and friend, he leaves a mere four days before 'the day' to attend the Vidocq Society meeting in Philadelphia...assuring Alena he'll be back in plenty of time.

As the Vidocq Society sets out to resolve cold cases for local authorities, Nick's puzzled by the no-shows...mainly, his friend...the one who asked him to come. A brief investigation reveals why his friend is MIA...he's DOA.

Nick soon dives into the clues the investigators are missing, and a trail appears, leaving him an irresistible scent to follow. Fortunately, Alena knows him all too well, and soon she's hot on Nick's trail with her trusty search dogs...and she's bringing along all of our favorites!

Nick goes this way, Alena goes that way...and when their paths cross, the unexpected happens, leaving readers wondering if Alena's hero can get there in the "Nick of Time".

This is my absolute. favorite. Bug Man. novel. of. all. time. Tim Downs has crafted a clever, witty, intense story that completely captures the essence of Dr. Nick Polchak's character. I was DYING for someone to talk to, but you had to be there from the beginning to fully get it.

So, I'm URGING you to go back to the beginning FIRST, meeting Nick and Alena in the early days with "First the Dead", "Less Than Dead", and "Ends of the Earth"...or you'll miss something very special.

I'm also giving "Nick of Time" the Golden Bookmark for Character and Plot Development, and voting it "Best Suspense Series for 2011". Seriously, this is THE BEST of the series, and Tim Downs' best novel to date...and I've read'em all!

Again, my thanks to Heather at Thomas Nelson for my advance! When you DO read this one, email me so we can chat about what Blew. My. Mind.

Happy Reading!



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