Friday, June 10, 2011

When You Can't Find God by Linda Evans Shepherd

It's been a hectic few weeks over here. Hence, my lack of reviews. With school ending, my oldest daughter's sweetheart deploying to Korea for a year, my youngest working through her first serious relationship, battling bronchitis, and mourning the loss of the eldest and sweetest member of our church family...

...I've been overwhelmed. And having a bit of trouble finding God amidst my chaos and hurt. So when Donna at Revell gave me the chance to read Linda Evans Shepherd's new book, I said, "YES!"...

...and promptly forgot to read the book.

But I'm glad I've picked it up now! "When You Can't Find God" is genuine and heart-felt, filled with real life examples from Linda's own experiences, as well as some she's gleaned from relationships with others.

Each chapter is short and to the point. Linda's tone is gentle and tender, but she doesn't mince words. Even as she guides you out of the darkness of pain and suffering, the light of truth shines brightly in everything she shares.

Linda closes each chapter with a Psalm, then rewords the Scripture into a prayer that just seems to speak to a wounded heart. Part survival guide, part counseling, and part encouragement, Linda's new book is an excellent resource for those times you just feel overwhelmed and lost.

Much has been written about how to have an abundant and blessed life now. Linda reminds us that pain and trials come to everyone. Our hope is in God, not this life. Our peace is in Him, not in our escape from our struggles. By drawing nearer to Him through the tough times we get to know God in a fresh new way.

So, I'm giving "When You Can't Find God" four out of five bookmarks with a highlighter as a charm. My thanks again to Donna at Revell for my copy (and for her patience!). Pick up your copy at your favorite bookstore...and get one for a friend!

Happy Reading!



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1 comment:

Kim said...

Deena -
This was a book meant "for such a time as this" in my life too! What a blessing it was to me!!

Praying for you dear friend!