Thursday, April 7, 2011

From Darkness Won by Jill Williamson

Alas...I fear I have been ruined of books. I finished the third and final novel in Jill Williamson's "Blood of Kings" trilogy...and I haven't been able to get my mind out of Er'Rets since! What a satisfying ending to an epic journey. What a series!!

"From Darkness Won" picks up after the conflict between Achan and Vrell reached a heated conclusion. Each went their own way, one in obedience to Arman, and one in rebellion (although she would never admit to that).

Gren Fenny Hoff and Vrell make their way back to Sitna, seeking help in order to join the battle and meet their own agendas. Gren fears Bran will forget her, and Vrell...well, she's just running.

Noam and Harnu, two young men from the first book--men who often tortured and taunted Achan--agree reluctantly to help Gren and Vrell. Unfortunately, as it will often happen, truth catches up with Vrell about her true identity, and she finds herself locked in Sitna's dungeons.

Achan has a duty to Arman, and he has chosen to walk that path, regardless of where it may lead or what it may cost him...even if it cost him the love of his life. When Vrell seems to have disappeared, it's his bloodvoicing gift that helps rescue her from the Veil...

...only to discover her memories have vanished. Thus, it would seem, the two of them must start anew. Is this a good thing...or is something worse up ahead of these two?

Lots of battle action, drama, and interaction with our favorite knights...I've grown to love Sir Gavin, Sir Caleb and Kurtz...but I will always have a soft spot for Sir Shung, Shield to the crown prince of Er'Rets.

I dare not say much more about the story, except that the ending is an extremely satisfying conclusion that leaves you longing to peek in on the kingdom from time to time. Jill is truly blessed as these characters live on in her imagination, making it much easier for her to peek in!

This is truly epic fiction. A huge story, with multiple elements all in play at once. A completely created kingdom, self-contained but with multiple facets and territories. A true enemy worthy of the battle it takes to triumph. A cause worth fighting for.

And a cast of characters as memorable as those in any other fantasy fiction loved by fans for decades. "Blood of Kings" ranks with "Lord of the Rings" in my estimation, and I realize I'm comparing a beloved classic with a newer series...but I believe my comparison will prove itself out with time.

My only regret is that stores aren't stocking these magnificent books for others to find and fall in love with. So, once you've taken my advice and purchased the series for yourself, take them with you into stores everywhere and encourage booksellers to stock this series.

My thanks to Jill Williamson for all the time and effort and patience to craft such an intricate and well-plotted series. My thanks to Jeff Gerke for seeing the potential and choosing to publish this amazing series.

And my thanks to my husband for purchasing my Kindle so I could get the final volume on the day it released! I'm planning on getting the final book soon to add to my shelf, but for now, I'm thrilled just to read it!

"By Darkness Hid", "To Darkness Fled" and "From Darkness Won" are all available from Marcher Lord Press, and can be found on are you waiting for!!! Now, to find something to read....if I can stop thinking about Achan and Vrell long enough...LOL!!

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