Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh

This marks the third novel I've read by Dan Walsh, and I can honestly say that choosing his books for my bookshelf is a no brainer! If he wrote it, I'm reading it. His newest story is his best yet, cementing his reputation as a 'guy who can write romantic fiction'...and then some.

"The Deepest Waters" tells the story of newlyweds John and Laura Foster. The story takes place in the 1850's, and the description rings true down to the last detail. You'll feel transported through time, and very thankful for today's conveniences and safety measures!

The Foster's fairytale honeymoon voyage soon becomes a waking nightmare. Caught in a hurricane, the steamship SS Vandervere is heavily damaged and taking on water. Women and children are quickly transported to a neighboring vessel, leaving all but six men behind.

Laura travels toward her New York destination, believing her husband of only days has perished at sea. Her one chance at love now lost, Laura fights to stay afloat on the waves of fear and grief. Her unexpected friendships aboard the rescue vessel help her in the smallest ways to rediscover purpose and joy amidst tragedy.

John fights to stay alive after the SS Vandervere goes under. He's fully aware that he has sent his beloved bride into the unknown in more ways than one. His family knows he's returning home...but they know nothing of his marriage nor his wife. Will they accept her without him when he didn't know if they would have accepted her with him?

This is more than a story of romantic love. It's a tale of hope against the worst of possibility, forgiveness, reconciliation, God's providence, respect for other human beings and God's's so multi-layered, I can't even begin to explain it all.

I fell in love with Micah, Laura, and Crabby...three of many well-developed characters you'll meet in this story. And you'll enjoy the behind-the-scenes sharing from Dan Walsh at the end of this story...some things you'll think cannot happen...well, maybe they really did!

Ultimately, it's just a class-act story, easily at home next to anything by Nicholas Sparks or Richard Paul Evans. I'm grateful to Donna Hausler for the chance to read this magnificent book. I'm giving "The Deepest Waters" five out of five bookmarks, with a buoy as a charm.

"The Deepest Waters" is available now from Revell books. Pick up a copy today...and check out all titles by Dan Walsh while you're at it!

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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Wasn't this just a wonderful story? I haven't read Dan Walsh before but I will definitely be looking for more from him. I loved this book.

2 Kids and Tired Book Reviews

Dan Walsh said...

Thanks Deena (and Holly). So glad you enjoyed the book. Made my day to read what you said.

Dan Walsh