Monday, March 7, 2011

The Mountains Bow Down by Sibella Giorello

If you've been a reader at My Bookshelf for any length of time, you've probably guessed that my favorite genre is mystery and suspense. I love a good story that develops characters I can invest in, weaving a web of intrigue that takes me to the final page to unravel.

That's why Sibella Giorello and her Raleigh Harmon novels are must-reads for me. Her latest takes FBI Special Agent Raleigh Harmon far, far out of her comfort the Last Frontier...Alaska.

"The Mountains Bow Down" finds Raleigh as a companion to her family as they experience an Alaskan cruise. It's a kind of dream come true for Raleigh, leaving the frantic pace at the FBI for a leisurely examination of the rocks, minerals and formations of Alaska. A dream for any forensic geologist.

Until the body turns up. Someone has gone missing on the cruise, and it's evident to Raleigh's expert eye that foul play has occurred. But she's having trouble convincing the others along for the ride.

Now the question is can she prove someone did it, then find out who did? A wealth of suspects are aboard the floating crime scene, and Raleigh needs help, like it or not. She just wishes she had the help of someone other than Special Agent Jack Stephanson, the thorn in Raleigh's side.

She thought life back home was rough. Now she's juggling a fast-disappearing crime scene, hostile authorities, a roguish FBI agent, and her mother's health is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

Was this all a mistake? Or can Raleigh trust the God who commands "The Mountains Bow Down"? This was a page-turner plus! No way in the world I could have unraveled such a convoluted crime early on. Nope...Sibella kept me going until the last page turned.

Raleigh is a rich, deep heroine...bringing a unique vulnerable/tough quality to the investigative character. And Jack? He's a hoot...especially when he's working with Raleigh!

Sibella's stories make me wish I'd chosen crime as a career...investigating, not committing! That's why "The Mountains Bow Down" receives five out of five bookmarks from me. My thanks to my friends at Thomas Nelson for sending this fantastic novel.

This is the fourth in a continuing series, but you can read it as a stand alone if you must. It's richer from the very get caught up as quickly as you can! And watch for more from our favorite forensic geologist...she's my favorite even if she IS the only one I know!

Happy Reading!



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