Thursday, February 3, 2011

Refuge on Crescent Hill by Melanie Dobson

It's sad to say, but sometimes I get so many books, some get pushed to the back and it can take a while for me to read them. Such is the case with this one, by Melanie Dobson...and it's a title I'm so glad I didn't completely miss!

Camden Bristow has had the worst time in her life: lost her job, her home, and much of the equipment she needs to do her job. Now she's returning to her roots and hoping to find "Refuge on Crescent Hill" with her beloved grandmother, Rosalie.

What Camden discovers is that her grandmother has passed away, leaving her with the family's 150-year old estate, such as it is. The family home is crumbling, and the money left to Camden isn't even close to enough to do the most needed repairs, let alone make it livable again.

When she makes the difficult decision to sell, Alex Yates hopes to be able to help Camden and the town he was hired to bail out. His offer to buy the family home doesn't seem legitimate, though. Just what is Alex really up to?

When another buyer surfaces, Camden finds herself caught between two unhappy choices with no solution in sight. And when she discovers the secrets her home has kept hidden all these decades, what will that mean for her, her home, and her relationships?

With just the right tones of suspense and romance, Melanie Dobson's novel was enjoyable and moving. I read "Refuge on Crescent Hill" in one sitting, and I only wished she could have continued with these characters, giving me more time to spend with them.

I wouldn't classify this as a cozy mystery, but you do get a cozy feeling from being in Etherton, Ohio...until you uncover who the 'villains' are...and even then you'll find yourself settling in for an extended stay.

Camden was easy to love, Alex was a bit of a puzzle, but also a very likable character. You'll find lots of intriguing secrets in this "Refuge on Crescent Hill" pick up a copy today!

My thanks to my friends at Kregel for my copy and for their patience! I'm giving this one four out of five bookmarks, with a family journal as a charm.

Happy Reading!



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