Monday, January 10, 2011

Digitalis by Ronie Kendig

Most of us will never fully grasp the sacrifices made by the men and women who fight to defend our country. We think of time lost at home, families separated...but the payment goes much, much deeper for many of them, and isn't addressed adequately once they return home.

All too often, these men and women are left feeling like "Discarded Heroes", which is why I'm so thrilled and so proud to encourage you to read Ronie Kendig's fantastic series. Not only will you get an exciting story, but you'll gain a little insight as well along the way.

"Digitalis" has a serious problem with flashbacks. Colton "Cowboy" Neeley has paid dearly for his service to his country. From the opening chapter (which will stop and then jump start your heart), you can't help but love this man.

He's trying to put his life back together, but it isn't easy. Father to a precocious and precious five-year-old girl, Colton knows he has to hold on...but to what?

His position on the elusive and elite fighting force known as "Nightshade" gives him a sense of purpose, and their missions give him satisfaction. But as great as the camaraderie is among the men who make up his team, Colton can't rely on them for the help he needs.

Colton needs God's help...supernatural overcome the scars of war. And the pain of loss.

Piper Blum knows loss, scars and pain. Maybe that's why Colton is so drawn to the cashier at Hasting's...buying all those bath towels! Two hurting hearts do tend to attract one another, don't they? At least, in this case they do.

Then things explode, and Colton finds out Piper isn't, who is she? What is she hiding? And what will it cost his team and his family before they get to the truth?

Explosive, heart-pounding, and at moments heart-wrenching, this is some of Ronie Kendig's best writing. Or, as Colton would say "Dawg! can this gal write!" I fell in love with the team called "Nightshade" in their debut novel, and I'm falling deeper for each of these unique men as I read their stories.

"Digitalis" is by far my favorite so far, but I'm sure that will change when the third book is released! Meanwhile, I'm giving "Digitalis" the Golden Bookmark for Excellence in Writing and in Purpose, as well as voting it "Best Military Suspense of 2011."

My thanks to my friends at Barbour Publishing for my copy. I guarantee this one is going on my 'keeper' shelf, right next to it's sibling novel, "Nightshade". This is a series I know I'll read again and again. I believe you will as well.

Happy Reading!



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Rel said...

Hey Deena :) Happy New Year to you! Couldn't help but comment on your review of Digitalis by one of my favourite authors, Ronie ~ fantastic book, eh?

I can tell you now, you are in for a treat with Wolfsbane, too.

Hope you and your family are doing really well.