Thursday, December 2, 2010

God Loves Single Moms by Teresa Whitehurst

Of all the books I've read on the topic of single parenting, this is by far the best when it comes to order and organization. That said, it isn't my favorite...I had a quibble with a spiritual analogy in the introduction...but nothing to keep me from endorsing the book.

"God Loves Single Moms" might sound like a silly title, but unless we've been in those shoes, we might not get the importance of the reminder. Women come into the role of single parenting through different means, but it all boils down to the same thing: feeling as if you are in this alone.

Teresa Whitehurst repeats herself often that single moms don't have to be in it alone, and that God loves them and finds them more precious than jewels. She is a single mom, and she writes from personal experience.

Chapter topics include 'The Single Mother's Inventory', 'Self-Care for Single Moms', and 'Your Money, Your Job, and Your Dreams'. Many of the chapters have quizzes for the reader to take to help gauge where she is in her journey. The questions are direct and easy to answer, and the scoring is definitely enlightening!

Teresa addresses many issues single moms deal with, and that includes dealing with your child or children's father. She also includes a chapter on how to handle weariness and temptation.

At the end of the book is a take-action plan the reader can implement, as well as some recommending reading on a variety of topics. In all, this is a fairly complete resource for the single mom.

My thanks to my friends at Revell for my copy of Teresa's book. I was interested in checking it out for my adopted daughter, a single mom of a toddler. As I stated at the beginning, I do have one quibble with an illustration used in the introduction, but nothing 'unbiblical'...just a difference of opinion...or maybe word choice.

So, I'm giving "God Loves Single Moms" three out of five bookmarks with a pencil as a charm...for taking all those quizzes!

Happy Reading!



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