Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hatteras Girl by Alice J. Wisler

Alice J. Wisler is a master-craftsman with words! Her novels have that slow, Southern flavor I've come to adore, and her stories are engaging and captivating. She creates quirky and loveable characters that make you just want to relocate to live next door, and she continues that tradition with her new novel.

"Hatteras Girl" is a young woman on the brink of thirty and still looking for Mr. Right...and still wishing for a lifelong dream to come true. Jackie Donovan has gone on her last family-initiated blind date. Maybe romance, marriage and family just isn't God's plan for her life.

While she's let go of that dream, another refuses to die. Jackie has dreamed of owning and running The Bailey House, an old home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina she's spent many hours in. Originally owned by a couple from England, this quaint bed-and-breakfast now stands vacant and neglected.

Trouble is, Jackie can't seem to find anyone who can direct her in how to purchase the old home. When preparing for an interview with local real estate mogul Davis Erickson, Jackie is stunned to find he holds the key to her dream house.

Does he also hold the key to her heart?

"Hatteras Girl" explores the themes of visionary goals, falling in love, waiting upon God, and the importance of family and loyalty to friends. Alice wraps all of that up in a story that will have you longing for an ocean view and a friend like Jackie!

And, like any good Southern novel, secrets abound. You'll enjoy getting to know Jackie's interesting family, spending time with Buck at the Sunnyside Grille, and you'll mourn with Minnie and her young son, Zack. But you won't want to leave "Hatteras Girl" behind when the book is finished.

Alice secured a spot on my must-read list with "Rain Song" and she just keeps getting better and better with each story. Don't miss "Hatteras Girl", now available from Bethany House. My thanks to my friends there for my copy!

I'm giving "Hatteras Girl" five out of five bookmarks with a Mason jar filled with your favorite beverage...I'm joinging Jackie and filling mine with Diet Pepsi!

Happy Reading!



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