Thursday, November 18, 2010

Author Spotlight with Allia Zobel Nolan: My Review

I've loved Allia's books ever since I received a copy of "Noah's Notebook". Just to let you in on how great these books sister was here the day I received "Noah's Notebook" and she insisted I let her have my copy! And if I'm in my forties and she's my older sister...

...'nuff said! Allia's books appeal to all ages, and her newest book for children is certain to cross those age boundaries once again!

"The Dreamy, Fishy, Happy Bible Storybook" is an interactive Bible story book that is perfect for any age, but probably most enjoyed by ages three and up. Each page is devoted to a particular story found in Scripture, written in rhyme and rhythm that makes perfect reading aloud material.

After the story in the book, a reference is given to help find the story in the Bible, and I encourage parents and caregivers to take advantage of this feature. Show your child where the true story is found so they learn from an early age to read and trust God's Word.

Colorful illustrations, created by Nadine Wickenden, accompany Allia's writings. You'll have a bunch of fun picking out all the details on each page, such as the cats in the hammocks and all the food at Pharoah's feast.

But wait...there's more!

Each page has hidden flaps and larger flaps, perfect for little fingers to flip up and little eyes to discover hidden treasures in each story. Some are hard to find, but worth the hunt...and I've found I prefer looking for the well crafted nooks and crannies on each page.

The design of the book makes it perfect for reading when your child is just learning to appreciate books and stories, with the 'lift a flap' feature for helping an older toddler or child to really get into the story. Unlike some pop-out or lift-a-flap books, these cutouts are sturdy and will last.

Can you tell I love this book? And I'm so thankful to my friends at Zondervan and Allia for my copy. Want a copy of your very own? Hunt up 'Day One' of our week long Author Spotlight and leave a comment and you can win, just in time for Christmas!

PLUS, Allia has generously offered more: If you publish your own review of "The Dreamy, Fishy, Happy Bible Storybook on, you can win one of 10 copies of EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT THE RAT RACE I LEARNED FROM MY CAT.....or.....NOAH'S NOTEBOOK.....just send her the link to your review once it's posted, and she'll send you the book of your choice!

Want to learn more about Allia's writing? Visit her website at AlliaWrites.comto see all of her books and to learn even more about Allia Zobel Nolan. Tomorrow we wrap up our week of Author Spotlight, and I'll give out some ordering information and a preview of what's next for Allia.

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