Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Blog....

Hello to all of my readers,

I realize no new reviews is unhealthy for a blog such as mine. I'm extremely grateful to the 135 followers for sticking with me while I've taken an unofficial break.

Yes, I've been reading, but nothing has really held my attention. I have so many bookmarks in so many books, and yet I couldn't tell you much about the pages I've perused.

Life has been filled with distractions for the past several weeks. Situations that needed tending, issues that needed examination and solution...and emotional upheaval that has at times left me breathless and at times left me broken.

In short, I'm a mess.

BUT, God is faithful, and He delivers us right when we seem to be at our most broken. When I'm at my wits' end, that's when He has the most room to work. And I am finally there.

It seems silly to ask you all to pray, as I know many if not all of you do so on a regular basis. So, let me be silly: our family needs your prayers. Prayers for harmony, peace, simplicity and surrender.

I hate when life gets so complicated that the knots block the design God is weaving in my life. That is how my soul feels...knotted up. Bunched up. Twisted in an obscure pretzel fashion that is unattractive and unappetizing.

I have many reviews longing to be written. When I can't sleep, I alternate between praying and writing about the books I love--inside my head. But when I go to put the words down in print, they escape.

Hang in there with me a bit longer. I sense a cloud burst ahead, which will clear the air and refresh everything. Then the rainbow will come, God's promise always secure...and the words will begin to flow once again.

Until then.....

Happy Reading!



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Christy--Southern Sassy Girl said...


I've recently gone through a complete upheaval in my own life, and it's difficult to focus your attention on books...especially when the words won't come at review time. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers that you'll be able to feel the peace of God every moment of the day. I look forward to when you're able to pick things up once again on your blog.


Kim said...

Deena -
I am at a similar place. Unexpected. Uncomfortable. Unsure. Know I am praying. God is faithful! Pray for me too.

Sending many hugs!!

C.J. Darlington said...

I completely understand how this goes, Deena. Never fear. We'll be here when you come back, and we'll pray for you in the mean time! Stand firm, my friend. The Lord is very faithful.