Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pursuit of Justice by DiAnn Mills

All I can tell you about DiAnn Mills 'Call of Duty' series is this: she'd better be writing more books in it! Characters with grit, faith, and stories with real meat on their literary bones...that's what you'll find in a book by DiAnn Mills.

"Pursuit of Justice" is by far my favorite of the trilogy thus far (although I didn't care for the name 'Carr'!). In this book DiAnn has formulated a legend that drives people to things unthinkable...just read and see.

FBI Special Agent Bella Jordan is returning to her roots in order to solve a triple homicide. Her guard is up and her suspicions are focused on ranch owner Carr Sullivan.

Carr admits he had wild ways in his past, but he's come to Jesus and come to realize that Christ must be in control always. So why is he prime suspect? Just because the bodies were found on his ranch?

Personailities clash and sparks fly between Agent Jordan and her partner, the local authorities, and just about anyone else that gets between her and the murderer...because this case is very, very personal.

From the legend of the Spider Rock Treasure to the resolution of the crime, DiAnn Mills will hold you hostage until the wee hours of the morning. I kept saying "Just ONE more chapter and I'll go to sleep" until I finished the book.

I am thrilled with Agent Bella Jordan's character development, and hope for more in the "Call of Duty". Until then, I'm giving "Pursuit of Justice" five out of five bookmarks, with a two-way radio as a charm (comes with fresh batteries--just in case!)

"Pursuit of Justice" releases in October 2010 from Tyndale. My thanks to my friends at for my advanced copy!

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Quilly said...

This sounds like it needs to go on my TBR list! Thanks.