Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't Kiss Him Goodbye by Sandra Byrd

Every once in a while I enjoy picking up a novel written for teens, and I know I'm always guaranteed a great read with anything written by Sandra Byrd. She got me hooked on her 'London Confidential' series, so I was eager to read her third story, set once again in Jolly Ole' England.

"Don't Kiss Him Goodbye" has Savannah (aka Savvy) still hoping for her byline to one day appear in the Wexfield Academy Times. Till then, she's content continuing her secret column, 'Asking for Trouble'...and learning more about the London culture.

Now the May Day Ball, an annual event that requires months of planning, and getting a date far, far in advance. Unfortunately for Savvy, she's just learned about this new bit of British culture, and she has little hopes of attending.

But when Savvy meets a new student with a reputation for trouble, can she keep temptation at bay? After all, there is that stunning ball gown she found at the new dress shop, and it would be for a good cause...

Savvy learns a lot about choosing friends and potential dates wisely, and about putting her hopes in the proper place in the third novel of the "London Confidential" series. Girls will get an excellent lesson in guarding their hearts and treasuring their first kiss.

Sandra always creates delightful and memorable characters, regardless of which audience she's writing for. Savvy is every girl, blessed with the chance of living in London, but dealing with familiar issues from a Biblical perspective.

Savvy isn't perfect, but she does try to line her life up with Scripture. Watching her muddle through high school is an encouragement I'm sure to her fans and to the mothers of those fans!

You simply cannot go wrong when you choose a book by Sandra! I'm hooked on this series, and sad I only have one more book to read. Can't wait to see what Sandra pens next, and you can bet I'll be eagerly waiting for her next novel!

My thanks to Christy at Tyndale for my copy, and I'm giving "Don't Kiss Him Goodbye" four out of five bookmarks with a Chapstick as a charm! Pick your favorite flavor, and don't forget to pick up this wonderful series for teen girls today!

Happy Reading!



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