Saturday, July 24, 2010

That's Where God Is by Dan and Ali Morrow

This is one of the most precious children's storybooks I've read in a long, long time! For grandparents (and parents) who want to share Christ with their little ones, Dan and Ali Morrow have written an excellent tale of God.

"That's Where God Is" has a small boy telling the story of visiting his grandfather. They talked about many things, but finally the child asked, "Grandpa, where is God?"

Rather than some huge theological response or pulling out his Bible, Grandfather simply encourages, "Why, that's a very good question!" He encourages his grandchild to be on the lookout for God all during the next week.

Eager to spot God, the child ends up noticing Him everywhere he goes. Each event has a passage of Scripture quoted on the following page to support what the child sees.

Finally, the child visits Grandpa again the next week and is excited to share all of the places he's seen God. Grandpa ends by sharing the message of the Gospel in a precious way, a way any child can understand.

Two things I love about this book...actually, three. The story fits into everyday life so smoothly. Anyone can take this story and actually live it out. Next, while the child in the story looks like a young boy, I never saw the child mentioned as 'he' or 'she'...making it fitting for any grandchild.

And finally, the message of the Gospel isn't preachy, but it is powerfully preached. Hopefully, you understand what I mean by that. I am just SO excited about this book!

The illustrations are simple and well done. I loved that they merely enhanced the story rather than distract from the story. The focus stays on the words rather than the drawings. In most children's books, that might not be quite as important.

In this book, it is.

I have a grandson who is so inquisitive at 15 months, I can see him in this book. And his grandpa (we call him G-Pa) is a mighty man of God. While I'm sure this is a work of fiction, I can see it being lived out so easily.

That's why "That's Where God Is" receives the Golden Bookmark for Excellence in Children's Story and Gospel presentation, as well as "Best Children's Book of 2010. My thanks to Audra at B&B Media for my copy.

Oh, and the last page...well, have a tissue handy!

Happy Reading!



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Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Oh goodness, your review has me in tears. Thank you SO much! It's such a blessing to know people are catching our vision for this book. We are so humbled and honored by your comments. Thank you for reviewing That's Where God Is and for being so enthusiastic about it. <3