Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Malaccan Conspiracy by Don Brown

Some of my all-time favorite television programs involve the military. I was a huge fan of JAG, so when I found Don Brown, I was in reading heaven! His most recent release brings back some favorite characters, and is a treat of a read.

"The Malacca Conspiracy" takes you on a world tour: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the good old United States. It can be a bit confusing at moments, traveling so many places at such a high rate of speed. But hang in there.

Navy JAG officers Zach Brewer and Diane Cocernian are reunited--kind of--in a race against the clock espionage plot. A civilian oil tanker is under covert attack, an assassination plot is being funded in the most creative way, and the US is again the target of terrorism at home.

Unraveling the conspiracy will take some heavy duty brain power on your part. Don Brown once again shows he really knows his stuff in this powerful thriller. He leaves you hanging multiple times on whether or not your favorite characters make it out alive...not nice, but clever!

This isn't my favorite of his novels, as I got bogged down a couple of times in the middle of the story. But the tale is worth the powerful ending, and I'm so glad I picked him as a 'must read' author. "The Malaccan Conspiracy" will reveal the intricate and minute means the terrorists will go to in order to achieve their goals, and just might have you praying in a whole new way for our military.

I'm giving "The Malaccan Conspiracy" four out of five bookmarks, with a passport as a charm. You'll need one to enjoy all of the exotic locations Don Brown takes you to...from the safety of your own home!

My thanks to Robin at Zondervan for my copy. "The Malaccan Conspiracy" is available now from one of my favorite publishers, Zondervan. Enjoy!

Happy Reading!



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Kim said...

I've never heard of this author, Deena! I'll have to remember his name and look him up!


CherryBlossomMJ said...

I just finished this yesterday. My review posts tomorrow. Love it!!! Definitely a new favorite author for me. :)

- Margaret