Sunday, July 4, 2010

Driftwood Lane by Denise Hunter

Denise Hunter's romantic fiction is exquisitely written, filled with warmth, heart and faith. Always talented, Denise shines in this final book in her Nantucket Love Story series.

"Driftwood Lane" is now home to Meridith Ward--at least, temporarily. She receives word that her estranged father and his second wife have been killed in a boating accident. While that news leaves her numb, the shock comes when she learns she's been awarded guardianship of her three siblings.

Three siblings she's never met.

When Meridith arrives to take stock of her inherited bed and breakfast inn and to meet her younger siblings, she's in way over her head. Used to order and calmness, she's not going to find it with Ben, Max and Noelle.

Where is their wayward uncle? He's next in line for guardianship of the kids, but no one has seen him in months. Does he even know his sister and her husband are deceased?

Jake Walker has never been one to put down roots: blame it on his childhood. Yet, when he finally receives word about T.J. and Eva, he feels doubly sucker-punched to know the kids are in the custody of their older sister.

Their very suspect older sister. How can Jake prove she's unfit to care for the children? Simple. He'll go undercover as a handyman to gather evidence. He just has to keep his true identity hidden until he knows enough to become guardian to his niece and nephews.

Denise had me smiling through my tears at this delightful and warm story. I've read all of Denise's novels, and this series is her best ever. I believe "Driftwood Lane" is her crowning success.

Denise Hunter writes with emotion...powerful emotion that stays true and authentic.
Faith in Christ is evident, but not heavy-handed or contrived. Faith and love run through the novel smoothly like water, ebbing and flowing naturally with the course of the story.

Her stories are character driven, and Denise writes some of the strongest characters I've ever read in romantic, contemporary fiction. Novels written by Denise linger in your memory like a sweet fragrance long after the final page is turned.

I'm so sad to see this series come to a close. I've enjoyed every single page, with each story stronger than the last. I can't wait to see what she creates next! Denise Hunter is on my 'must read' list, and I think you'll find you love her as well.

I'm giving "Driftwood Lane" five out of five bookmarks, with a scenic ocean painting as a charm. You'll never forget your time in these Nantucket Love Stories...and you'll cherish the memories.

My thanks to my friends at Thomas Nelson for my advance copy. "Driftwood Lane" is available from Thomas Nelson this month!

Happy Reading!



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