Friday, July 30, 2010

Catwalk by Melody Carlson

With her second novel in a new series, Melody Carlson takes it up a notch and cements a storyline that will captivate readers. New characters cross paths with old favorites and things begin to heat up "On The Runway".

It's Fashion Week in New York City, and the Forrester sisters are taking it all in, reality style. "Catwalk" captures the behind-the-scenes frenzy of the fashion world, as well as the sometimes vicious competition to make it to the top.

Melody has done her fashion homework, revealed through the character of Paige Forrester, older sister and front person for the new reality program. From Gucci to Dior, the styles and labels fly by fast and furious. I even found myself dreaming about a Kate Spade dress!

Erin loves her spot in her sister's shadow and behind the camera, or does she? When given a chance to shine on the runway, does she find a new love, or is Erin content to remain behind the scenes.

Speaking of love, romance stirs for both sisters, twice over it seems. And new found fame threatens to rob Paige of what little good sense she possesses, keeping Erin on her toes both watching out for and praying for her sister.

Lots of themes pop up in this highly engaging chapter in Melody's newest YA series. And it took me a few pages to realize that some of our old friends from the Carter House made cameo appearances, which was fun.

I'm really enjoying getting to know fashion, watching these characters develop, and marveling once again at Melody Carlson's ability to tell a story in a fresh and new way.

"Catwalk" gets four out of five bookmarks from me with a pair of comfy pajamas as a charm...get comfortable as you savor this perfect Summer read, courtesy of Zondervan. My thanks to Pam for my copy!

Happy Reading!



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