Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Fine Life by Eva Marie Everson

I've loved every book written by Eva Marie Everson, both fiction and non-fiction. But no book has ever resonated in my heart like her latest. Could I ever relate to this story!!

"This Fine Life" is all Mariette Puttnam has wanted. Freshly graduated from her boarding school, Saint Margaret Mary High School, the world is wide open to her. At least, she wishes it was.

Her privileged life is a gilded cage, lined with expectations and 'what is proper'...and she longs to break free. Courage is needed...and something Mariette lacks.

A chance encounter in the stairwell of her father's factory could provide Mariette with the desire she needs to break free...or is she merely trading cages? Only time will tell as we follow Mariette on her quest for "This Fine Life".

Eva sets you up from the prologue...making you long to know what happens in the final pages of the novel within the first few. But don't miss a day of Mariette's life. You might just learn a few things about yourself!

As a pastor's wife, I identified with a lot in the story. Granted, I didn't grow up in the South or in the sixties (I was BORN in '63!), but sometimes all that changes is the style, not the manner in which things are done.

I was encouraged as I watched Mariette make her own choices for her life, not always going with the flow. Sometimes she made mistakes, but most of the time she ended up changing others with her decisions. She was a woman I'd LOVE to have as a BFF!

Eva has outdone herself in this 'coming-of-age' story that transcends that term. I savored every page, and loved every moment of "This Fine Life". Thanks to Donna Hausler at Revell for my copy...I will be forever grateful!

I'm giving "This Fine Life" the Golden Bookmark for Heartfelt Story and Perfect Setting, and voting it "Best Contemporary Fiction of 2010", with a TV antenna as a charm...don't you miss the days of 'rabbit ears'??

Happy Reading!



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