Saturday, April 10, 2010

Magna & Making Waves by Nicole O'Dell

I LOVE new tween fiction that not only tells a great story, but teaches a valuable lesson in the process! Nicole O'Dell has a winner with her continuing series, "Scenarios".

In "Magna" Molly Jacobs and her two best friends are nuts about clothes, but short on cash. Getting a job at their favorite clothing store would be a dream come true...unfortunately, the dream only happens for one of them.

Ever notice that when the popular girls suddenly take notice of you, it's rarely for a good thing? Soon both the popular and the closest of friends are wanting Molly to make a choice that could cost her greatly.

What will she choose?

Book 4 is "Making Waves", and tells the story of Kate Walker and her desire to shake things up a bit in her life. Wanting a change and a challenge, Kate goes out for the school swim team. She makes the cut, but it takes hard work on her part to keep up the pace.

Turns out her teammates have a secret weapon, and encourage Kate to take part in it. Only problem is, it's illegal...and dangerous.

What will Kate decide to do?

In these books, the choice is up to YOU, the reader. Depending on what you choose, both Kate and Molly face a different scenario to wrap up their story.

I prefer to read each scenario, but I choose differently for each book. In Molly's case, I chose the right solution first. For Kate, I made the bad choice...switching off gives the book a different feel as you read it.

I LOVE Nicole's idea and her stories. Each one is completely plausible and totally applies to today's teen and tween life. That's why I'm giving the entire series the Golden Bookmark for Creativity and Relevance, and voting it Best New Teen/Tween Series of 2010!

Be watching for more "Scenarios" coming soon from Barbour press...and my thanks to Angie for my copies!

Happy Reading!



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Nicole O'Dell said...

Thank you! Thank you! What a great review. I'm so glad you liked them!!!