Monday, January 4, 2010

Hand of Fate by Lis Wiehl with April Henry

May I just say how thrilled I am that Lis Wiehl is writing fiction? Her second novel is even better than her debut, cementing her place on my 'must read' list of authors!

"Hand of Fate" reads like a 'ripped from the headlines' story. Talk radio personality Jim Fate is known for his brash and opinionated broadcasts. Antagonizing the far left seems to be his favorite pasttime, and he's made a laundry list of enemies.

So when he's murdered in the middle of a broadcast, the Triple Threat Club has their work cut out for them! Cassidy has known Jim both professionally and personally, and it's her connection to him that leads FBI Agent Nicole Hedges and Attorney Allison Pierce to get involved in the case.

Personal lives intertwine with professional, creating an interesting plot for each heroine. Lis expertly manuevers the case around suspect after suspect, easily keeping us guessing until the final chapter.

All three women in the "Triple Threat Club" get equal time in the story, another talented feat carried out by Lis. Her knowledge of talk radio, having worked with Fox personality Bill O'Reilly, is evident in the creation of the story.

In all, "Hand of Fate" is well crafted, well executed (pardon the pun!) and has earned a place on my "Top Suspense Novels" list. I'm giving it five out of five bookmarks, with a triple chocolate brownie torte as a charm...complete with three spoons.

Look for "Hand of Fate" to release April 2010 from Thomas Nelson--my thanks to them for my advance copy!

Happy Reading!



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