Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fresh Encounters by Daniel Henderson

If you've become a regular reader of my blog, you'll most likely notice several books by Daniel Henderson popping up in the next few weeks. He has become a mentor to my husband, and I'm reading his writings to see just what he has to say.

"Fresh Encounters" describes prayer in a new and fresh way. I may as well warn you...this will be the most unique review you'll read here at My Bookshelf. I've not only read the book...I was blessed with the chance to live it.

Daniel Henderson has a passion for worship-based prayer that draws to seek God's face rather than God's hand. By focusing on Scripture and worshipful songs, we remember just who God is and how magnificent He is.

Pastor Henderson also has a passion for corporate worship-based prayer. Too often we try to 'go it alone' in our Christian walk. Believe me, the power that comes from praying with other believers can be mind-blowing...just not the way we're used to praying together.

In the course of the book, Pastor Henderson shares personal anecdotes about his prayer journey, as well as testimonies from others who have taken part in worship-based prayer. He also writes to pastors about having a heart for prayer in their churches, and shares counsel with lay members on how to pray for their pastor to develop a passion for prayer.

The book isn't a 'how-to' manual on incorporating or leading worship-based prayer so much as it is a testimony to the need for and the passion found in this kind of prayer. I completely identified with the hindrances to avoid Pastor Henderson shares at the end of the book.

For most of my life as a believer prayer has been something that a Christian ought to do, but many times my prayer life has lacked power and passion. Not always, but more often than not. God is good, and He pursued me with an invitation to experience worship-based prayer for myself.

I spent three days immersed in praise, prayer, communion and fellowship with over 80 believers at the Northern California Prayer Summit, facilitated by Pastor Daniel Henderson and a team from Strategic Renewal.

I saw the message of the book in action, and it was amazing, refreshing, convicting, humbling, healing and revitalizing. My soul had been so parched and so hungry, and I knew it but was wandering, trying to fill the need with anything but the right thing.

I urge you to get a copy of "Fresh Encounters" for yourself. Read it with a highlighter or a pen handy. Get a copy as a gift for your pastor, your church staff, or for your spouse. Take part in a Fresh Encounter event if you can.

Pastor Daniel Henderson's writing style is very conversational and what he shares is highly applicable to any believer's life. His passion for God and for the church is evident in the care he takes to share relevant stories about prayer events and the changes that worship-based prayer can bring to your life.

This is a book for any believer. This is a book for every believer. I'm looking forward to reading more by Pastor Henderson, and I'm so glad I began my reading journey with "Fresh Encounters", and I'm so glad I had the unique ability to live out its message.

I'm awarding "Fresh Encounters" the Golden Bookmark of Excellence and Authentic Message, as well as adding a journal and a highlighter as charms. This may be the best book on prayer you'll ever read (I say maybe because I have more to read!). But don't just read it....LIVE IT!

Happy Reading!



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