Friday, November 6, 2009

Turning Points Series by Barbour (various authors)

Barbour Publishers is one of my favorite book publishers. You get great value, and some unique books when you buy from them. A new series is set to debut, and I'm already enjoying the first two books, courtesy of Angie with Barbour!

First is "Whose Kids Are These?", a book written for stepmothers. When you get married, life is an adjustment; add in children from a previous marriage, and the adjustment can become a nightmare if you aren't prepared.

Karon Phillips Goodman shares some excellent thoughts on the topic, such as remembering you're not alone. A stigma still comes with marriage after divorce, especially within the church. The Bible is clear on taking vows seriously and permanently.

But we live in a sinful, fallen world, and divorce happens. The Bible is also clear on bearing one another's burdens and helping a brother or sister in need. Instead of shunning couples who've remarried, let's walk beside them and help them so divorce doesn't have to be in the picture again.

Resources like this one, based on Psalm 100, help families and stepmothers deal with the transitions that can often be painful and laced with dissension. I enjoyed reading Karon's book, and only wish it had been around 25 years ago for me!

I'm rapidly headed to the destination 'empty nester', which is why I found "The House Is Quiet...Now What?" so enjoyable. I remember the sadness when I left home, the last child to move out. I would have loved to gift my mom with this little book.

Filled with encouragement and practical helps, Janice Hanna and Kathleen Y'Barbo share stories and anecdotes to help moms transition from a full nest to an empty one. I do look forward to seeing my children all out on their own, but I also know that it is going to be VERY quiet around here!

I'm hoping Barbour publishes more "Turning Point" books...I can think of several more that would be interesting and helpful. For now, I'm giving these first two volumes four out of five bookmarks, with a big, beautiful key as a charm. Let God and His Word unlock the doors that keep you in, and step through them in faith...and with a little help from Barbour!

Happy Reading!



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