Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Between You and Me by Jenny B. Jones

It's a short list. But I have a few authors whose books sit on my shelf a bit longer than normal before I crack the cover. Why? Simply because I know I'll long for more once I'm done...and I want to make the reading experience last.

Jenny B. Jones is one of those few authors.

Her new stand alone novel, selected as a Women of Faith novel, is so exquisitely penned that I savored every word. Every emotion, every laugh, every page...tucked away in my memory forever.

"Just Between You and Me" finds Maggie Montgomery returning home to Ivy, Texas...the only thing this daredevil woman fears...besides water. A cinematographer who's been places most of us would fear to tread, Maggie avoids home like the plague.

But her dad's frantic phone call has her committed to a few days to unravel the most recent knot her baby sister has tied in her tail. Enter her niece Riley...a kid who can give Maggie a run for her money.

Allowed to run wild, that's exactly what Riley does. And she wants absolutely nothing to do with her Aunt Maggie. Neither do most of the citizens of Ivy, Texas. Apparently Maggie's youth left a few scars.

Will her new faith in Christ be enough to get Maggie through this latest crisis? Will Maggie seek God's direction for her life, or continue to go her own way? And why does local vet Conner have such a way with Riley...and such a knack for riling Maggie?

This is gorgeous writing, and I plan on keeping "Just Between You and Me" on my 'read it again' shelf. Sharing it with my daughter. And giving it the Golden Bookmark for Storytelling Excellence, along with a beach towel as a charm.

What is it you fear the most? Watch God work in Maggie's life...and you just might feel Him working in yours at the same time.

Happy Reading!



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