Friday, October 2, 2009

Bo's Cafe by Bill Thrall, John Lynch, & Bruce McNicol

The last time I picked up a novel like this one, I could feel the churning begin in the theological pond. But I believe the pond needs a good churning now and then, as long as it doesn't change the message of Jesus or the perfection of God.

Now, grace...that's a whole 'nuther matter. And "Bo's Cafe" takes on the message of grace head-on in a unique and transparent way. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about the novel as a whole...unsettled would probably best describe it.

"Bo's Cafe" introduces us to Steven Kerner: high-powered executive with all the amenities that come with such a life. A beautiful wife, lovely daughter, nice home, nice car...

...and a personality that is so tightly wound he comes across as either a ticking time-bomb or an arrogant jerk. Or both.

His wife has had it, he barely knows his daughter, and he has no clue what to do or how to fix it all. Enter Andy, a mysterious guy who resembles Jimmy Buffet. Andy stirs up Steven's curiosity, and a bit of his anger as well.

The meetings between the two of them eventually end up leading to Bo's Cafe, a place where everyone strives to live by true grace...something that isn't that easy to do. Something that was rather interesting to watch.

The authors themselves collaborated on another book prior to this one titled "TrueFaced", and are working to bring authenticity back to the church. Reading what the three had to say about grace, repentance and how to model both in our every day lives.

I won't go as far as some and call this the new 'Shack'...but I do believe it is going to cause a stir. Though I've finished the book, I'm still processing the story. It is well written, authentic, and rich.

And it has left me stirred. So, I'm giving "Bo's Cafe" a hesitant four out of five bookmarks, with a set of sunglasses as a charm. And believe me, this story has a certain charm.

Let me do a bit more processing and I'll keep you updated if my thoughts change the meantime, check out the website.

Happy Reading!



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