Sunday, October 25, 2009

Becca by the Book by Laura Jensen Walker

If you're all into fiction with nice, tidy endings, you might want to take a pass on the third installment in the "Getaway Girls" series by Laura Jensen Walker. This time, she's telling Becca's story...and she's the one who won't have anything to do with church, the Bible or Jesus.

Right **said with heavy sarcasm**!

Becca's adventurous spirit gets her into hot water...the girls always told her it might happen. A skydiving incident goes wrong, and Becca ends up in a cast, putting a hold on any adventures for the time being.

So when the other girls challenge her to a bet, she's so bored that she snaps up the challenge...the next guy to ask her out, she'll say yes to. Anything to prove to her friends that she isn't commitment phobic.

Becca just didn't count on the next guy being a Christian. But what's 25 dates between friends, right? Determined to prove her friends wrong and to win the bet, Becca begins dating Ben Franklin.

If only she'd realized church would have so much to do with this guy's extra-curricular life! Becca's take on much of our Christian speak made me realize I need to be more aware when I talk about God to others.

Her outside eyes looking in viewpoint also made me take a close look at what I and many others call it appealing? Would someone want what I have? Do I come across as fake and plastic, or warm and genuine.

The book did leave me a bit troubled, however. Becca's word-choices will disturb some readers, although mild in nature. And her cynicism may put some readers off as well. As I said, while I didn't like it, her view caused me to take a look at my walk of faith.

A couple of other details left me wanting more...but to share those would be spoiling the novel for you!

Laura left this wide open for a sequel, although I could be wrong. Some of the bows were tied up neatly...others were left dangling. In all, I think this may be my favorite of the "Getaway Girls" novels...

...but I say that every time! I'm giving "Becca by the Book" four out of five bookmarks, with a bookmark as a charm. Be watching for its release from Zondervan in January, 2010.

Thanks to Robin at Zondervan for my advance reader copy!

Happy Reading!



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Jenny said...

I have really enjoyed this series, Deena, and you've got me wanting this one ... RIGHT NOW! How am I going to wait til January? *sigh*

Laura Walker said...

Deena, thanks for the review! I appreciate it. And I'm glad to hear Becca did what I wanted her to do--make you think about what our faith looks like to outsiders looking in. Is it appealing? Is it real? That's what will appeal to someone like Becca.

Oh, and Jenny, I just heard that Becca's releasing in Dec., rather than Jan., so you don't have to wait as long! :)