Thursday, September 24, 2009

Intervention by Terri Blackstock

Terri Blackstock has always been a favorite of mine. She's on my list of 'auto-buy' authors...and her latest novel ratchets up my respect for her talent yet another notch.

"Intervention" is about more than drug abuse and a parent's response to the abuse. It's a rallying cry to know our kids, involve our kids, forgive ourselves, and to be wary...

...just because something claims to be your homework!

Barbara Covington is at the end of her rope. After losing her husband to cancer, now she's losing her daughter Emily to drugs. Her last resort: a Christian rehabilitation center that will take the last of her income and risk her future career.

But when the woman transporting Emily turns up dead, the prime suspect is Emily. Barbara is so uncertain of who Emily has become, even she has doubts about her daughter's guilt...momentarily.

Detective Kent Harlan is on the case, and his heart goes out to Barbara. But he has to find a killer, and all of the evidence points toward Emily. The trail to the end of this novel is twisty and winding.

And it is every parent's nightmare. I have a daughter in rebellion...she hasn't gone this far, but there are nights I lay awake and pray, not knowing exactly what she is up to or what she is capable of.

This is a must read novel for all parents, and for young adults who believe what they do has no impact on anyone but themselves. I'm giving Terri's "Intervention" a Golden Bookmark, with a set of keys...we're all free in Christ...don't be locked up by satan's schemes.

Find true freedom in won't regret it!

Happy Reading!



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