Sunday, September 13, 2009

40 Loaves by C. D. Baker

You may remember C.D. Baker from my review of his previous book, 101 Cups of Water, a book I found very refreshing. He's back with a new devotional book that is both filling and thought-provoking.

"40 Loaves" tackles some of life's toughest questions for the believer. Questions like 'why don't I have more faith' and 'why am I so bored with Jesus'. He calls these the questions we're not supposed to ask--but if we don't ask them, then what?

I personally believe God is big enough to handle our questions. What we need to be more concerned about is are we willing to handle His answers! C.D. Baker gives voice to the things I believe many struggle with at different seasons of their spiritual walk...helping us all feel we're not alone after all.

Some of his answers I found very satisfying. Some left me wanting more. But all of them helped me find companionship on this road called faith...and gave me hope that, while I may not get my answer least I can ask.

If you're wrestling with anything in your spiritual life, I recommend this book. However, I don't know that I'd give it to a new believer. They often don't wrestle with the things we who've believed and grown in the faith wrestle with. So use wisdom.

How about reading it first for yourself? That's wise! I'm giving "40 Loaves" four out of five bookmarks, with a loaf of homemade bread as a charm...can't you just smell the comfort!

Happy Reading!



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