Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweet September by Tricia Goyer


Tricia Goyer is not just a gifted writer...she is a genuine, whole hearted lover of God! Her talent knows no bounds...historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and non-fiction...she can do it all!

Authors and their craft have always fascinated me. I've dabbled in writing fiction and non-fiction a bit, but never published. One aspect of writing that boggles my mind is collaboration.

But Tricia has pushed the bounds of that fine art...she's written the second in a series of books written by multiple authors! That's right...she's stepping into the lives of characters who were birthed by someone else, and seamlessly woven her own threads of life into this chronicle of the Stevenson family.

Charlotte and her husband Ben are now raising three of their grandchildren--Sam, Emily and Christopher. Tragedy befell the Stevenson family twice, and now a multi-generational family exists under one roof.

The siblings came from San Diego to a rural farm in Heather Creek...can anyone say "culture shock"? Needless to say, there've been some bumps and ruts along the road to transition.

But Charlotte's faith in God is strong. Her Bible stays near by and a prayer is always on her lips. Good thing, with the fussing between her husband and her youngest son, Pete...Sam's failing grades...Emily's sensitive spirit...and Christopher's wandering and adventurous spirit!

Strange things are happening on the family farm...

Christopher discovers a piece of Stevenson family history during one of his wanderings...what is it and what could it mean for the family? And who would heartlessly root up Charlotte's garden?

Could one of the grandchildren have that much disdain for their new home? Will the family pull together to figure out the puzzles that lay before them, or will the tension pull them apart?

I'm looking forward to the rest of this series! I hope you are as well. In the meantime, I'm giving "Sweet September" four out of five bookmarks, with a carrot fresh from the garden as a charm...I loved growing carrots with my dad!

Happy Reading!


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Holly said...

Nice review! This one looks good.

kalea_kane said...

Nice Review! Looks great!