Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love Finds You In Snowball, Arkansas by Sandra D. Bricker

Remember what it was like in high school, when you fell for that ONE GUY, and you learned all you could about him? Changed what you liked to what he liked, did what he wanted to do...all to get him to fall for you?

For some of us, longing to be loved by that one special someone, the remodel of ourselves never ends. Until we meet the One who accepts us as we are, and loves us as He created us.

This is the lesson learned by Lucy Binoche, 30 something single hoping to meet her match. Her church's Christian singles group has planned a retreat to Snowball, Arkansas...something that Lucy isn't normally into.

Her idea of a retreat is a five-star hotel with turndown service and a mini-fridge in her suite! But when newcomer Justin Gerard appears and he's into all things outdoors, Lucy quickly signs up, along with her best friend, Matt.

It isn't long before Lucy's attempts at radical outdoorsy transformations go awry in some of the funniest yet heart-breaking ways. Even her competition for Justin's attention, Wendy, is too nice and sweet to hold at arms length.

Can Lucy figure out that all she needs to do is be true to herself and wait for God to set His plan into motion in her life? Her journal entries are humorous and yet heart-breaking...I remember being just like Lucy.

Summerside Press encourages you to fall in love with their stories...that isn't hard to do with quality writing like this! I'm giving "Love Finds You In Snowball, Arkansas" four out of five bookmarks, with a barf bag as a'll just have to read the book to figure out why!

Happy Reading!


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Joy said...

Sounds like a cute read for a YA and adult too. Hope you are having a nice summer.