Friday, July 24, 2009

Homespun Harvest by Robert Elmer

I know I've mentioned this before, but for a multi-author series, this one tops the list! The fourth edition is not only penned by a different author, but by Robert Elmer...a male perspective that fits in perfectly with the first three books in the series.

And so far, I think my favorite edition of all.

In "Homespun Harvest", Charlotte is already worrying about the holidays, with Thanksgiving just around the corner. The farm is doing well, but with three extra mouths to feed, and Christmas on its way, extra income would be helpful.

So, famous for her pies, Charlotte gets encouraged by friends Mel and Hannah to bake pies for Mel's diner. Sounds good at first: Charlotte loves baking, and it would be a great idea to get the grandkids involved.

But so far, their input in reluctant. Christopher has the most enthusiasm of all, and yet his new partnership with a fellow student is consuming him. Emily helps out, but makes it clear she's not a willing participant.

And Sam is so consumed with getting a car that he takes on another part-time job, stretching himself so thin that regular chores aren't getting done. Even Charlotte's husband Bob is losing patience with the pie project.

Orders are pouring in, though, and Charlotte doesn't know how to say no (sound familiar to anyone else?). A tragic accident on the farm helps everyone to get their priorities straight, and everyone learns a lesson on giving and harvesting a crop full of blessings.

This is my first novel by Robert Elmer, but I'm certain it won't be my last. His development of the existing characters really gives them a liveliness that appealed to me, and made this my favorite so far in the series.

So, I'm giving "Homespun Harvest" five out of five bookmarks, with a pie tin as a charm. Only wish it was filled with Charlotte's Caramel Apple Pie!
Happy Reading!


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Holly said...

The cover alone makes me want to read this one!