Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scared by Tom Davis

I'm always on the lookout for books that don't just entertain me...but books that change me. Books that don't leave me the same from cover to cover. Stories that stay in my heart and make me different...

...books that stir me to do something for Christ.

I want to introduce you to a book that is dangerous--do not read it unless you're ready to have your world shaken to its very core. Unless you're willing to accept the call to do something, anything, in the name of Jesus to make a difference.

This is a life-changing work of fiction, based on fact, that will have you angry--angry enough to throw the book across the room. Angry enough to question God. Angry enough to demand answers to questions that are hard to ask.

And, hopefully, angry enough to get up and make a difference to a lost and dying world. I praise God that He gave Tom Davis the will and the words to pen "Scared". And I thank God for the opportunity to read it...for it has changed me.

"Scared" tells the dual story of successful, award-winning photographer Suart Daniels. He's been everywhere, seen unspeakable things, and photographed them. With the achievements behind him, his life is going nowhere.

Adanna is a young orphan living in Swaziland, Africa, amid the HIV/AIDS epidemic that threatens to wipe out entire villages. Her hope is found in the illuminated one; but what does that mean to a pre-teen girl living in such conditions--where is hope truly found?

When Stuart takes another trip to Africa, his entire world is turned upside down. What he's seen before has no compare to what he witnesses on this trip. Has God grabbed him by the heart and opened his eyes to the truth?

What will this ultimately mean to Stuart? To Gordon, Stuart's journalist companion? To Adanna and the others in her village? And what will it mean to you, sitting in your home, reading this book?

Story has the power to change hearts unlike any other medium. I'm praying this story has the power to change us, so that we will follow Christ's commands to go out and rescue a lost and dying world--even if it is found a thousand miles away.

With added features on how we as Christians can help the people caught up in the real life nightmare that Adanna suffers, Tom Davis has written a book that needs to fly from the shelves and into the hands of every person who claims faith in Christ.

I'm giving this the Golden Bookmark for life-changing writing, and voting it best overall novel of 2009. Do not miss this book--unless you're quite comfortable in your faith. I pray that you aren't, and oh, what we can do if we band together!

Happy Reading!


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Anonymous said...

That's a powerful review. Thank you. I have this book but haven't read it. But having been to a war-torn African country my heart understands and reaches you to these people, especially the children. It is heartbreaking...I'm looking forward to reading this.

Pastor Dave said...

Your review captures the spirit of this book perfectly. Everyone needs to read this book. Not everyone will "get it" in the same way, but I believe everyone who reads it will be changed. Great review.

Brandi said...

GREAT review!

Oh how I loved this book. . .even though it made me SOB on the plane to Uganda!