Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Tour with "Tour de Force" by Elizabeth White!

I love when my favorite authors step out and take a risk, telling a story with unique quality and flavor. Succeed or not, taking a risk deserves great praise, and Elizabeth White has definitely stepped out with her new story, "Tour de Force".

What a success she's created!

Gillian Kinkaide has dreamed of the ballet since she was very little, and her parents have helped her achieve her dream of dancing on the stage in New York. Her natural talents and lithe body have combined to create a rising star on the national ballet scene.

But her deep faith in Christ collides with not only the lifestyle, but those she lives with and performs with. How can Gilly be true to her faith, reaching out to those who need Christ without alienating her co-workers and friends? Can she live in the artistic world and not compromise her faith?

Jacob once lived in Gilly's world. He too has found a deep, abiding faith in Christ. But he was nearly devoured by the world of ballet...with its competitive nature and passionate side. Now, he dreams of bringing God to the ballet, creating performances that not only move the heart, but touch the soul.

When Gilly's world collides with Jacob's sparks fly. His past and her future meld into a stunning possibility...until tragedy strikes. What plans does God have for Gillian, and do they involve Jacob and his dreams for glorifying God through dance?

What a novel Elizabeth has created! The passion radiates from the pages, and the picture she paints with her words give us an inside glimpse into the world of the dance. Elizabeth White is more than an author...she is an artiste with words, and I'm so grateful she shares them with the reading world!

I'm giving "Tour de Force" five out of five bookmarks, with an ice pack as a charm...if you dance, you'll need one! Bravo, Elizabeth! Encore, encore!

Happy Reading!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Deena. Your praise means a lot. Glad you enjoyed TDF and found it meaningful.

Warm regards,