Friday, May 1, 2009

The Postpartum Survival Guide by Paul Meier, M.D., Todd Clements, M.D. and Lynne Johnson, R.N.

I think it's fitting that this is my FIRST review as I return from my hiatus! With a new baby in the house and a first time mom in my care, this book has been sent straight from God to me!

"The Postpartum Survival Guide" is far more than just a book on how to beat the baby blues. Drs. Paul Meier and Todd Clements really dug in and did their homework on how to help moms through the first few weeks of motherhood, with hormones and stress running rampant through their lives.

Filled with actual cases of postpartum recoveries that range from the baby blues to the most extreme depression, this book has practical counsel on how to handle the changes that come after the baby does.

Dr. Meier gives high praise to his nurse, Lynne Johnson, for her work on this book. By sharing true stories of women who struggled and how they coped with their depression, the authors have produced a book you can trust.

Again, this is more than counseling: the spiritual component is vital, and Drs. Meier and Clements do not leave this out. They emphasize how important a healthy and whole relationship with Christ is to our well-being, especially for a new mom.

Filled with advice and wisdom, I can't get enough of this book! If you know a family with a new little one at home, buy them this book. If you know of a mother-to-be in the end stages of her pregnancy, give her a gift that will help her for weeks to come.

And more importantly, read it yourself. Then you'll be a blessing in a time of important need for young women having babies. New mommies don't always have time, energy or focus to read, and you may be their best source of information.

I'm giving "The Postpartum Survival Guide" the Golden Bookmark for Resource Excellence, and a golden bootie as a charm. AND I'm thanking God for the timely delivery of this book to my home:-)

Happy Reading!


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