Monday, May 25, 2009

Mom Needs Chocolate by Debora M. Coty

If the postman ever had perfect was the day he delivered this book to my door! Packed with humor, wisdom, humor, chocolate, Biblical insight and humor, Debora M. Coty is one of my new favorite authors!

"Mom Needs Chocolate" is a devotional some would call light...I call perfectly suited for a busy mom's life. Each two or three page devotional focuses on an aspect of a mother's life...beginning with pregnancy!

Debora opens the book with "My Cups Runneth Over", a hilarious discussion of what pregnancy and delivery of a new baby does to a woman's anatomy...I could SO relate! She closes with a prayer that is also filled with humor, then ends with discussion questions.

Her devotion titles are a riot (Prickly Little Arrowheads--Children; Raisins are Merely Patient Grapes--Patience)...and her humor is fun, fun, FUN! But Debora doesn't forget to include some Biblical wisdom.

Each page is just enough for a mom on the go to chew on during her day and to digest, making it a part of who she is. Debora's book is perfect for a mom's day out group or a mommy fellowship group!

I adore this book! I'm giving "Mom Needs Chocolate" the golden bookmark with a golden Hershey kiss as a charm. This book is FUN; did I mention that?

Happy Reading!


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Julie J. said...

I've been taught not to judge a book by the cover. However, I think I could devour this book right now!!

This is an excellent review and I have added this to my "to be read" list. Thanks for a great recommendation!

Holly said...

This looks fabulous. I definitely need to read it!!