Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What He Must Be by Voddie Baucham, Jr.

A lot of non-fiction books are being written in the name of Christianity, and some of what is out there is a little left of center. Sometimes I hesitate to attach my endorsement to the book, for fear of what's in the book. That's why I insist on reading everything I endorse here at My Bookshelf.

But I knew, even before I read it, that I would HIGHLY recommend Voddie Baucham's new book, "What He Must Be". I've heard him speak, I've watched his life, and I know his reputation.

He's the real deal.

In his book, Pastor Baucham lays out the case for what a man of God is to be, and he does it with solid Scriptural basis. THEN, he illustrates why, as parents, we MUST be involved in our daughters' choice for their lifelong mates.

I mean, think about it: we believe all the surveys that say their level of thinking isn't mature until around age 23, and we expect them to KNOW who they should marry and WHY???

This entire book will fly in the face of modern culture, even in the church. To that I say, it's about time. Parents need to step up and take active roles in the lives of their children.

The time to do this is while they are in the womb and to continue until we stand at that altar and say "Her mother and I do". And even then, our influence can continue on, if we've done it Biblically.

But he doesn't just talk to us about our daughters. For those of us who have sons, it is our responsibility to raise them to BE the men of God those who have daughters would choose to be their husbands.

Hopefully, that made sense!

All I know, is parents: you need to read this book. It's never too late--start now. Read Pastor Baucham's book, look up the Scriptures he quotes and references...highlight points that you want to remember.

And then put it into practice.

I'm rating "What He Must Be" five out of five bookmarks, with a set of wedding rings as a charm. Do NOT miss this one!

Happy Reading!


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