Monday, March 16, 2009

The God Cookie by Geoffrey Wood

I was so excited to discover Geoffrey Wood's first novel, "Leaper", that I had my husband calling bookstores EVERYWHERE to find me a copy. His writing is unique and his dialogue is witty, two things I adore in a contemporary novel.

His second novel, "The God Cookie", has put him on my "Must Read" list! I was captivated from page one, and actually got angry when I had to beg for time to finish the story.

John Parrish is the owner of a local coffee shop. Just a regular guy, with two of the wackiest employees I've ever encountered. After their weekly lunch at Mr. Wu's Buffet, the three begin a discussion we've all had at one point or another... do you know when it's God talking to you?

Parrish decides to go for broke and, while in the restaurant restroom, tells God he's "all in". Once again, his two friends have skipped out on the check, so Parrish ends up with the bill and the fortune cookies.

Cracking open on of those typical after-Chinese-food desserts sends Parrish on a journey that is both puzzling and astounding.

Three words--"Take the corner"--will change Parrish forever. But what did God mean? Join John Parrish and his friends as he explores and takes risks to assure himself that God talks to us and will guide our every step if we will be "all in."

The dialogue is beyond witty. It is downright hilarious! I fell in love with every character in this book. Parrish is so sincere, and Duncan and Mason are such goofballs who obviously care a lot for their friend.

Audra is so unique and vivid, as well as all of the characters in Geoffrey's story. I can honestly say this is the best contemporary fiction I've read so far this year.

So, I'm giving "The God Cookie" the Golden Bookmark for unique style and vivid characterization and adding a golden fortune cookie as a charm. Do NOT miss Geoffrey Wood's novels! They are quirky, a bit off the wall, but are filled with charm and a delightful quality.

Especially this one.

Happy Reading!


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conarnold said...

Thanks for your review of The God Cookie, Deena! Sounds like a good read!