Monday, March 2, 2009

Author of the Month--Meet Marlo Schalesky!!

I first discovered Marlo when she published her fictional novel, "Only the Wind Remembers", about Ishi, the last uncivilized Indian in North America. While I didn't read the book (not into historicals), it caught my attention because I grew up not far from Ishi's monument in Oroville, California.

As I began blogging, I was invited to tour with her book, "Veil of Fire"--my first Marlo reading experience. I was captivated, despite my dislike of historical fiction.

THEN, when I heard Marlo was tackling an entirely new genre, romance novels with a twist of suspense, I was totally on board! Her next release, "Beyond the Night", not only delighted me but left me breathless!

Let's just say when Marlo says 'romance with a twist', she ain't kidding! I'm right in the middle of her newest romantic twister, and can't WAIT to introduce you to the book! For now, check out the titles mentioned above, and take a chance on a new-to-you, but must-read-for-me author!

Happy Reading!


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Rel said...

Love Marlo and her books :) Thanks for having her, D!