Friday, February 27, 2009

Turning The Paige by Laura Jensen Walker

I'm SO excited! Another chick-lit novel by one of my all-time favorite multi-genre authors is due to release in March from Zondervan! Can you FEEL the joy?

We first met the 'Getaway Girls' in "Daring Chloe", but we didn't get to know Paige Kelley very well. She missed out on some of the adventures due to caring for her mother.

Well, not only do we get to know Paige better, but here comes her Mama and older sister as well!! Isabel left as soon as she could, for the East Coast, and their only brother has basically fallen off the planet.

That left Paige to care for their diabetic mother. To make things easier after her divorce, Paige moved back home. Divorced, living at home, stuck in a dead-end hasn't turned out as she'd hoped.

But things take an unexpected turn for Paige when she stops by the new local florist shop. Marc and Annie take an interest in her, and she takes an interest in flowers. When she gets laid off, could she pursue her love of children? Of flowers?

Of Scotland maybe??

I found it delightful and refreshing that Laura kept the book club, but didn't just re-write the first novel. The club takes a backseat to an intimate look at one particular character's life--a life we have either experienced or have seen up close.

And if we haven't, it's a life we too often ignore. Meeting Paige was a treat and a joy. I fell in love with her, and I expect you will as well. I hope that Laura keeps this series going through each character in the 'Getaway Girls' book club, especially if she can keep it this fresh and new with each book!

I'm giving "Turning The Paige" five out of five bookmarks with a piece of Scottish tartan as a the Gunn clan, no less! Remember, "Turning the Paige" releases March 2009 from Zondervan!

Happy Reading!


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