Friday, February 20, 2009

This Is Your Brain On Joy by Earl Henslin

I love non-fiction books; sometimes, I love them more than fiction, believe it or not. This new book by Dr. Earl Henslin is not only informative, but fun to read!

"This Is Your Brain On Joy" is about brain mapping and finding out why we do the things we do and how we can change our brain patterns through a variety of means.

Through what is called a Brain System Checklist, Dr. Henslin helps the reader figure out certain behavior patterns. He does a clever map of the different areas of the brain and what they control or do.

He offers specific therapies and treatments to change behaviors that we don't want to continue to do, and explanations for issues like ADD, OCD and many other repetitious and habitual lifestyles.

What I love about Dr. Henslin's book is its accessibility. He doesn't talk over the reader's head or reading ability. With apologies to his colleagues, he pulls the highbrow and technical terminology down to everyday speak.

From his "brain house" analogy to his simple and energetic tone (he even mimics Forrest Gump), Dr. Henslin is one physician I'd love to sit down to chat with. You can sense his own joy as you take in his writing.

This book is entertaining as well as informative. If you've had a difficult time breaking a lifestyle pattern, I believe reading "This Is Your Brain On Joy" may help unlock the cage that holds you captive.

Dr. Henslin doesn't overlook the Spiritual aspect of healing, but incorporates it into his therapies and treatments. He treats the whole person: mind, body and spirit. This is one psychologist you don't have to fear--he truly knows his stuff, and has a heart for helping people heal.

I'm giving "This Is Your Brain On Joy" five out of five bookmarks, with a SPECT brain image as a charm. I myself would love the chance to go in for a consultation with Dr. Henslin and his friends at the Amen Clinic. Pick up your copy today and see what YOU think.

Happy Reading!


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Jennifer Bogart said...

Looks like a great book Deena :). I have a touch of OCD myself.