Friday, February 6, 2009

Surviving Financial Meltdown by Ron Blue and Jeremy White, CPA

Ron Blue and Jeremy White have written THE book for today's economic times! With the job market getting worse day by day, the stock market on a yo-yo string and a stimulus package that no one is certain about, we need hands on, easy to apply help.

There's no such thing. It took time to get into this financial quagmire--it will take time to get out.

BUT, there IS hope, and it's found in the pages of Scripture and in the pages of "Surviving Financial Meltdown". Within the first few pages, Ron and Jeremy sum up the main points of the book's four financial principles.

They make TOTAL sense!

Throughout the rest of the book, the two authors go into more detail with each principle, sharing personal stories, anecdotes, and lots and lots of Scripture.

Sidebars and inserted boxes of helpful advice and websites are scattered throughout the book, some addressing layoffs, some for financial counseling and some on how to save your home.

Plus, the book is short enough to read quickly, and the writing style is conversational, not preachy. These two men know people are hurting and they aren't look for lectures, but lessons on how to make it in our economy.

In such a bleak financial time, "Surviving Financial Meltdown" may be the most encouraging book you read--IF you apply what the authors advise. And that is truly the keep to surviving this financial meltdown we are in. I highly recommend this book!

I'm giving it four out of five bookmarks with a calculator as a charm. This may be the best investment your family makes...and think about buying one for a friend.

Happy Reading!


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