Thursday, February 26, 2009

Right Thinking In a World Gone Wrong by John MacArthur

Ever wonder what the truth is? With opinions flying around like UFO's these days, no one can seem to agree on anything. Terms like 'liberal' and 'conservative' are being used as insults, even within the church.

If nothing else revealed how divided we are, the last election was proof of the great chasm between opinions.

Want to base what you believe on more than just mere opinion? Then pick up a copy of John MacArthur's latest book, "Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong". Not only does Pastor MacArthur meet my high standard for Scripture quoted in a non-fiction title, he EXCEEDS it! This is a man very familiar with the Bible, and a man who isn't afraid to stand on what the Bible teaches.

Together with the many well-taught men in leadership at Grace Community Church, Pastor MacArthur tackles today's heated topics, such as abortion, entertainment/media, the environment, homosexual marriage, immigration and many, many more.

The book is so well written, you could carry it everywhere you go, along with your Bible, and hold discussions with people you work with or spend time with and do so intelligently and Biblically. PLUS, it's indexed by topic for easy use and reference.

Pastor MacArthur's tone is strong and confident, but it isn't condemning nor condescending. This book truly shows he lives up to the name of his church: GRACE Community Church.

Each chapter is packed with Scripture after Scripture; some are quoted, some are referenced. I like the referenced ones--it helps prevent lazy Christian readers!

I challenge you to read his book, regardless of what you believe on these issues. Come with an empty cup and let God's Word fill it. Then make your stand.

You may not agree with everything Pastor MacArthur and his staff write, but you will come away with a better understanding of Biblical principles that relate to today's world.

In a world gone morally mad, John MacArthur's book is a refreshing, cool drink of Biblical sanity. I'm not only pleased to highly recommend this book, I'm proud to do so. This is a book that needs to be on the shelves of every Christian's home--and that needs to be read often.

I give "Right Thinking In A World Gone Wrong" the Golden Bookmark for writing excellence and Biblical application, and voting it "Best Apologetic Book of 2009".

Happy Reading!


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