Friday, February 13, 2009

On Tour with "My Book Therapy", Day Five

Continuing on with tour for "My Book Therapy", here are some thoughts by YA author Sarah Anne Sumpolec. I've never had the pleasure of reading her books, but after reading her writing here, I'm STILL wanting to hunt down one of her titles:

Why I Love Being a Book Therapist

I love the whole concept of Book Therapy. Imagine! A place where you can get useful feedback? It could save people years of submitting. So often writers just get a “No, thank you” when they submit to publishers or agents. But that doesn’t help them improve or grow or discover what they can do to make their work better. When I first started writing, I had some precious people who offered me advice and help. They let me ask every silly question and answered each one with patience and love. So just as people gave to me so generously, I want to turn around and give back to others. My Book Therapy gives me a chance to do that. I think I was built by God to want to teach and encourage. I love looking for ways to strengthen a story or make the characters come alive on the pages. I love taking a good story to a great story by infusing it with layers and subplots and themes that will resonate with readers. I love seeing where a story can go when you give it wings.

I’m so glad I get to be a part of My Book Therapy, especially as a YA Specialist. Writing for Young Adults is something I am passionate about, so I have a vested interest in helping see that teens have great reading material in the years to come.

Happy Reading!


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