Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On Tour with "Guided by Him" by Julie Morris and Sarah Morris Cherry

When you think weight loss, I'm guessing most times you don't think about it being a spiritual discipline...unless it's "Lord, help me lost these pounds!"

But mother/daughter team Julie and Sarah have joined forces to create a weight loss program that is much, much more than just about losing weight.

It's about creating a healthier you both inside and out. Filled with wisdom and humor, "Guided By Him" puts God back in center focus of the one thing we battle more than anything---food and emotional eating.

Julie and Sarah talk about stress and how to manage it without resorting to food. I don't know many women who aren't stress eaters--myself included. Even when I don't THINK I stress thing I know I'm craving chocolate of some sort and something has pushed an emotional button somewhere.

Another plus is the humor...these two make it as fun as humanly possible to lose weight:-) Diet is thought of as "Die" with a "T" added. Let Julie and Sarah remove that thought from your minds with their fun style of writing.

Packed with tips, devotionals, journaling space and so much more, if you've battled with your weight, food or stress I truly believe you'll gain so much from this book.

I'm giving "Guided by Him" four out of five bookmarks with a yummy low calorie snack cake I just discovered...but I'm going to learn not to stress eat right along with you...I'll eat the cakes just because I want to!

To read more about "Guided by Him", visit their website.

Happy Reading!



MizB said...

Interesting! Thanks for your review of this, Deena, as I'd never heard of it (and I'm BIG on books like these!).

Speaking of which, have you heard of "Freedom From Emotional Eating" by Barb Raveling? A friend just introduced me to the blog/book recently, and I now have the book, and am working through it... it's a BIBLE STUDY based around getting over the 'stronghold' of emotional eating. It is SOOOOO good! Definitely have a look! ;)

Julie Morris said...

Hi Deena!

Thanks for the wonderful review of Guided By Him! I would love to hear personally from each of your readers who struggle to lose weight. Write me at

God bless,
Julie Morris, Author of Guided By a Thinner, Not So Stressed-Out You!