Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Tour with "The Echo Within" by Robert Benson!

One sure-fire way to be "un-invited" to blog tours is to not like the book your touring! Unfortunately, while I can't say I didn't like reading it, I can say I had a check of caution as I read.

"The Echo Within" is by Robert Benson, a prolific author. His book is well written, even lyric in quality. Rather than call in a book on Christian living, I'd be more apt to call it a memoir with a point of teaching.

That said, I did have some issues with what I read. So, if you're going to get upset with my review, now's the time to click off the page....

....for one, I take issue with Mr. Benson's statement that God spoke humankind, specifically Adam and Eve, into being. The beauty I see in God's creation of all is that He took the time to form us with His very hand--and that humans are the ONLY element of creation He took the time to form in that manner.

Call me nit-picky, but if any part of the Bible isn't true, it all isn't true.

Something else that kept ringing with discord as I read was Mr. Benson's use of the Voice. What guides me is God's Holy Spirit, and He's more than the Voice. The Holy Spirit is actually God Himself, dwelling in me. Not an 'it' or a 'thing'...but a He with personality, feeling, and God.

I won't argue this point. If you disagree, don't bother to show me why. You won't change my mind, and I'm not out to change yours. I'm reviewing a book. That's what I do.

Any non-fiction book with a lack of Scripture that is labeled as 'Christian living' or 'Spiritual growth' bothers me. We can write anything and tell people we're right. I want the author to prove it with Scripture. For me, THAT is the authority by which I must live.

I respect Mr. Benson and I did enjoy his book. For a believer in Christ who is knowledgable about the Bible, you may be able to find some instruction in the book. For a new believer, I'd hesitate to give a copy. And, while this may ruffle some feathers and start a firestorm, I feel the need to say this...

...match what you read up to God's Word before you ingest it and make it who you are. We're told in the Bible to 'test the spirits' and to know what we know comes from God and not from only man.

While it's well written, I didn't find it totally Biblically accurate, and that's the test for me. It may be different for you, though. If you'd like to read Mr. Benson's book for yourself, leave a "NICE" comment and I'll enter you to win a copy.

Just, do NOT attempt to debate me here. I'm not meaning any disrespect to the author, the publisher, or the reader of the book. I'm not challenging anyone's faith or salvation. I'm just giving my opinion based on what I believe and how I read things.

So, "The Echo Within" gets no bookmarks from me. I just can't do it. For writing style, I'd award it three...but I just can't.

Happy Reading!


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Janet said...

I don't know the author or the book, but I get tired of reviews that give praise where it isn't warranted. So kudos to you for having the courage to give an honest assessment.