Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Great Eight by Scott Hamilton

If anyone has earned the right to help others find happiness amidst hardship, it would be Scott Hamilton. Battling cancer, building a successful career in pro skating, and having his world rocked by health issues again and again, Scott has never had the 'give up' mentality.

In his new book, "The Great Eight", Scott shares his eight beliefs that lead to happiness even when, as he puts it, you have every right to be miserable. With candid sharing and an engaging voice, Scott draws the reader along page after page.

He writes with humor and heart, and his words are laced with a faith that has helped him stand in the face of tremendous trials. Turns out what ends up being most important to Scott isn't the fame, fortune or medals won...but just being able to love his family and to keep on moving forward.

As Scott shares his eight 'secrets' to a rich and happy life (again, not in material things, but in the things that last), he also shares the significance of the number eight in his message. While his information about the number eight was interesting, what held my attention even more was his chapter on "The Almighty Coach".

I believe Scott Hamilton is a sound, Christian man who lives to spread the message of hope when all else seems hopeless. He is consistent, genuine, and a joy to read and listen to. His new biography is certain to inspire without judgment or condemnation.

Enjoy Scott's book. Read it along with God's Word for the source of true happiness. And continue to pray for Scott and his health--we need more like him in this world.

I'm giving "The Great Eight" four out of five bookmarks with a set of ice skates as a charm. Let Scott's message of hope and God's eternal love for you lift you up from where you are and point you in the direction of Jesus. Come close and meet The Almighty Coach that Scott writes about in his book, won't you?

Happy Reading!


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Nise' said...

I was looking at this book and thinking about reading it. I believe I will!